Current Education & Employment Opportunities

PhD Candidate

Our lab has a PhD candidate position available for the pre-clinical and clinical testing of a new high-resolution ultrasound imaging endoscope and ultrasonic tumour ablation tool for guided neurosurgery. In this position, the candidate will uncover answers to important questions about the effectiveness and safety of the device for brain tumour imaging and ablation both in ex-vivo cadaver and small animal models.  We also will advance to putting the high-resolution imaging endoscope into the OR in the hands of neurosurgeons at Nova Scotia Health Authority.  Through the research, the candidate could potentially have both an indirect and a direct impact on the lives of patients suffering from brain cancer over the course of an exciting and dynamic PhD program.

The research will provide the candidate with experience in a wide variety of scientific fields and techniques, including pre-clinical biological study methods, histology/microscopy, neurobiology, software design, image processing, and ultrasound physics.  Some experience in at least one of these fields is expected, and our research team is ready to guide the candidate in less familiar areas.

Contact Dr. Jeremy Brown at to inquire.

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